Deepening our practice in these times of uncertainty

Live Stream Classes

Wednesdays, Fridays 9:30-10:45am 

Passcode Part One: ZYhm5n
Passcode Part Two: 4aiQ6c

Weekly Conscious Vinyasa

Each yoga series will build strength and cardiovascular capacity by linking hatha yoga postures with flowing vinyasas. Sequences incorporate core stability, hip and shoulder opening and spinal flexibility with variations offered for all levels. Class opens with qigong warmups and pranayama; emphasis is on harnessing our bandhas so our practice becomes lighter and brighter.

Virtual Yoga Sign Up

Once I receive your name and email address I will send you the Zoom link and password you need to join the weekly group and a calendar reminder with the Zoom info and time you are attending.

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Free Meditation through Mindful Leader

24/7, 5 days a Week (3pm EST for Deirdre) 


General Zoom Tips

Open zoom links on a laptop for larger-screen viewing.

Now is the perfect time to create your sacred space.

Try out the cross mat pattern that I’m using.

Be ready with props and have them nearby: blocks, straps and blankets (or substitutes).

Place laptop in front as you would position. yourself with an instructor.

Once you are positioned so I may see you well, feel free to turn on your video (on lower left side of screen) so I may offer visual adjustment suggestions and we can move more in flow with one another as a group.

I’ll un-mute at the end of savasana.

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