Mindfulness moments

The Power of the Pause

DAILY at 3pm EST with Deirdre or anytime 24-7 with other certified instructors through Mindful Leader

In the face of Covid-19, an unprecedented and global event, changing what’s “normal” in our lives, we at Spore Studios are hearing the deep need for support amidst anxiety and worry.

Our mental health and wellbeing is more important now than ever. These virtual spaces welcome us all to come together to meditate, reflect, connect, and simply be with one another.

You may opt-in and attend as many sessions as you like. The more you attend, the more benefits you are likely to receive.

I hope you join us and that you find the collective space we open up helpful for practicing inner work together.

Reported Benefits

With a trained and seasoned facilitator, mindfulness can help you:
Manage your emotions
Communicate, actively listen and creatively collaborate with others
Be more present, focused and aware of self, other and situation (presenteeism)
Have decreased anxiety, rumination and fear

About Me

I’m a former University of Notre Dame Wellbeing Research Professor and Program Facilitator, Certified Yoga Instructor and Meditation Teacher since 2005, and Research Manager on the wellbeing-project.org, a catalyst organization that promotes the inner development of social change makers around the world.

“Here is an opportunity to deepen our centering practices. Each time we wash our hands, we can collectively center in our declarations for our communities, center in our compassion for our neighbors, or center in our visions for a more just and equitable planet.”

-Richard Strozzi

“The next time you make the choice to take a meeting by videoconference or to work from home, take a moment to reflect on this as a compassionate act, reflecting on how this decision to practice social distancing is at its core for the benefit of others.”

– Richie Davidson, Center for Healthy Minds

“Wellbeing is so vital to the sustainability of any organization, in particular for those working in difficult environments like poverty, violence, marginalization etc. At the individual level you helped us realize the importance of being aware of our own capacities to manage daily stress and on an institutional level you helped us analyze the different causes of stress and depression. Now we are thinking of how we can prevent and treat these problems.”

-Luis Martinez, Partners In Health/Chiapas

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