Friction and Flow

Friction and Flow

This reflection on "the good life" draws upon my research on the science of wellbeing and my lived experience in two places: a Caribbean island and Chiapas, Mexico. It compares two different "takes" on the topic: hedonic well being (happiness based ...

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Mindfulness for skeptical CEOs

Want to reduce stress, become a better leader and strengthen your company’s bottom line? Start paying more attention to your thoughts, says mindfulness expert Deirdre Guthrie. No soft science, mindfulness is a heightened form of attention and pre ...


The Red Road of Resistance

In 1994, when I first arrived in Montana to work for Red Thunder Incorporated (RTI), now known as Spirit Mountain Cultural Clan, on the Fort Belknap Native American reservation, environmental racism was a fairly new term. Organ cancer rates among ...

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Companeros en salud

This is my third week with CES as our team learns more about the challenges and opportunities these pasantes face during their one year of service working in the mountain communities of Southern Mexico. Formerly considered a “punishment” for low-ran ...