A Mindfulness Program for inner development and nourishment in these challenging times

A 10-Week program that will enable you to align your strengths with your values, encounter your shadow with compassion and invite transformative mindful rituals into your everyday life to nourish your wellbeing in relationship with others.

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We’re living in unprecedented times.

Prior to COVID, advances in technology and work-life patterns were bringing us to near-epidemic levels of burnout in many sectors.

Depression and loneliness were leading causes of global disability; outstripping cancer and heart disease.

COVID has intensified these patterns and made it impossible to put off addressing our mental health and wellbeing any longer.

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Why Compassion?

I originally created this course with global health and humanitarian workers on the frontlines who suffer from high rates of so-called “compassion fatigue” and discovered it was their inability to truly enact compassion that was causing their burnout.
Compassionate wisdom is our ability to be fully present for life’s gifts and feel all of its heartbreaking fragility; to accept life as it is and not as we wish it to be.
To do this – with boundaries that shift with our needs and circumstances – takes skill and resources. 
This updated course was created so we all may restore our sensory awareness to self and surroundings and respond with more wisdom, care and insight to our everyday challenges. Its practices are curated to avoid the hype and present you with the latest in evidence-based wellbeing science. 

Who may be interested 

These practices are especially recommended for those facing a significant life-changing event, in high-pressure careers, caretakers or those struggling with chronic illness, or anyone seeking a more purpose-driven life. 

Potential Impact

Reported benefits to wellbeing practice with a trained and seasoned facilitator over time include enhanced “presenteeism”; the state of being more focused and aware of self, other and situation, as well as decreased anxiety and an enhanced ability to manage one’s emotions, communicate, actively listen and creatively collaborate with others.

The program is built to resource you in three main pillars of wellbeing:

Roots of Resilience

Nurturing our capacity to adapt, adjust, change and grow, sustained through mindfulness training so we may respond effectively to life’s challenges and crises.

Trunk of Identity

Growing a flexible identity and growth mind-set, grounded in self-integrity. This integrity involves learning to deeply listen to our authentic voices as well as encouraging those of others.

Branches of Social Connection

To flourish means our values and beliefs seed meaning and purpose in our lives. These values connect us with caring communities and cultures that nourish, respect, and inspire us to live into our best selves.

Course includes weekly:

• Video and Written Guidance of key concepts and the latest findings from an experienced wellbeing scientist and practitioner

• Soul Dialogue and Self-awareness practices that tap into your creativity 

• Mindful Movement (yoga and qigong) that aligns with the seasons

• Mindful Meditation to develop focus and attention

• Tracking logs to make sense of your patterns and process

• Personal Coaching Opportunities 

  • Access to the Course and check-ins for six months for a deeper dive into material  

cost of program

Individual Rate: 5 Weeks: $200, 10 weeks $400,

Corporate Rate: 5 weeks: $300/ 10 weeks $600

Two scholarships available per course. Contact instructor for details.  

How the Program Works


WINTER: January 18th. 

SPRING: April 19th

MONDAY: Receive the week’s materials; option to join in a virtual meditation

WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY: 12-1:15pm Live stream Seasonal Yoga  

WEDNESDAY PM: Online Circle session for social support

FRIDAY: One on One Coaching available by appointment (course includes one session) 

Course access continues for six months.

If you are unable to attend a live session, just forward me your comments/questions in advance and I will record the session to share for replay afterward

About Me

Hi there, I’m Deirdre, Wellbeing Anthropologist, Leadership Coach, Certified Yoga and Meditation, Mama to Ella and Rosie and  Advisor on The Wellbeing Project, a catalyst organization that promotes the inner development of social change makers around the world. Everything in this program is something I believe in and is part of my personal practice. With sustained commitment, these practices can bring deep healing and nourishment in these challenging times.

What people are saying about working with Deirdre

“During thes isolating times of Covid, Deirdre’s mindfulness course kept me focused and on track in my ability to cope better
with the challenges to my mind, body and spirit. The weekly yoga and gigong sessions were both strengthening and calming, and helped me be more flexible in body and mind. Being able to connect on a weekly basis with other women was a unique opportunity to share and dig deeper into feelings. The informative and inspirational course readings are a treasure—a resource to return to over and over. At the end of the course, I felt that my relationships, to myself and to others, grew stronger. This wellbeing experience was the best gift to myself!
– Leslie Knight, Former Vice President, Member Relations at LeadingAge, nature photographer
“Deirdre, you can’t imagine all of the changes we have done because of what you’ve introduced to our organization.  Wellbeing is so vital to the sustainability of any organization, in particular for those working in difficult environments like poverty, violence, marginalization etc. At the individual level you helped us realize the importance of being aware of our own capacities to manage daily stress and on an institutional level you helped us analyze the different causes of stress and depression. Now we are thinking of we can prevent and treat these problems.” 
– Luis Martinez, Partners in Health, former Operations Director, Chiapas, Mexico, Dir. of Global Health Chapter at Mexican Society of Public Health   
“I absolutely loved the spring retreat and found it to be very nourishing and healing for my soul! Thank you so very much for your time, attention, and planning. I had looked forward to the retreat for weeks, and am so appreciative, and grateful for the gift of peace, comfort, and refreshment.” 
– Christine, teacher
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